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Livestock Trailers

Our unique Johnston Livestock Trailer design offers robust, durable trailers, with a great range of sizes from 16ft up to 28ft all on independent tandem axle with a 2-PAC paint finish.  With the option of a lift off container, our Livestock trailer offers versatility around the farm for several purposes.  Our high quality build ensures that our trailers are cost effective over their operational lifetime with aluminium chequer floor providing an anti-slip surface for the safety of livestock.  All trailers come with aluminium rear loading gates, centre dividing gate, aluminium side sheeting, rear ramp door, galvanised slurry catchment trap/tank, inspection gate, mudguards, LED dynamic lights and hydraulic brakes as standard. Optional extras can be built on to suit all customer specifications.

  • Aluminium rear loading gates

  • Centre dividing gate, 2 provided on larger models

  • Inspection gate

  • Aluminium side sheeting (including rear ramp door)

  • Independent tandem axle or optional springs

  • Chequer aluminium floor

  • Rear dynamic LED lights

  • Galvanised slurry catchment trap (c/w tank)

  • Rear mudguards

  • Hydraulic brakes or optional air brakes

  • Optional aluminium roof

  • Optional lift off container body

  • 2-PAC paint

  • Various wheel options

  • Various sizes  available

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