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Bale Spikes

The Johnston Bale Spike has 2 bale spike tines of 49" long, making it reliable for long journeys, it comes with 4 bushens which can be set wide (1150mm) to accommodate square bales or close (700mm) for round bales.  It is built of robust quality steel to give years of hard work around the farm.  For double stacking of square bales it can be fitted with an optional safety frame. We also provide brackets to suit most types of machinery, making it a popular choice in the UK & EU Agricultural Market.  Custom bale spikes can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.

  • Bale Spike Tines 49" long

  • 4 Bushens to accommodate Square and Round Bales

  • Optional Safety Frame for Double Stacking

  • Can be fitted with brackets to suit most makes of handlers/loaders

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