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Johnston Buckrakes are manufactured with heavy duty frames and tines, with a mesh visibility panel, built to last, capable of the heaviest workloads around the farm.  Twin rams are fitted to ensure an even pushoff every time, even if loads are uneven. All hydraulics are included and can be bracketed to suit most handlers and tractors.  Standard models start at 7ft with or without pushoff capabilities, we also have a large folding Johnston Mega Push Buckrake at 15ft to suit farms dealing with larger quantities of material, supplied with 50mm tines fitted to tapered bushings, 70mm pivot pins and recessed high power LED lights for use in dark sheds or working at night. 

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Heavy 50mm tines fitted with tapered bushings

  • Also available with Conus 2 Kverneland tines

  • Twin rams ensure even push off- even if load is to one side

  • Can be bracketed for most handlers and tractors

  • Buckrakes available without push off

  • Various sizes available

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