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Bale Stackers

The Johnston Bale Stacker is fitted with hoses to hydraulics as standard.  The frame and spring tines are made of the highest quality steel, built to last, being able to spike 2 bales simultaneously.  The 4.5" hydraulic revolving rollers will gently clamp bales to ensure no damage to bale wrapping and are also removable for spiking.  We can supply optional brackets to fit the vast majority of machinery, making the Johnston Bale Stacker the most versatile and trusted brand around the farm.

  • Large 4.5" rollers are fitted with grease nipples for free turning

  • Hydraulic ram has hoses fitted and connected to fixed block on main frame in order to eliminate pipe work becoming entangled

  • Rollers easily removed for spiking either round or square bales

  • Tines will spread to 5ft

  • Can be fitted with brackets to suit most makes of handlers/loaders

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